Our selection of carpets for weddings & Events

#10 Luxury White Carpet Rental
Making your wedding day unique, stylish and luxurious. This Carpet has a very beautiful finish and it is stain resistant . Available for rent in Malta & Gozo
#11 Luxury Red Carpet Rental
Our Range of Red Luxury Carpets are available for Rent in Malta & Gozo. They are mostly used as aisle Runners for weddings & Church Entrance
#12 White Event Carpets
This Range is the most popular and affordable Carpet used mainly for Civil Weddings and Venue/Reception Entrance
#13 White Event Carpets with Print
Our White Event Carpets can be ordered with prints in any size, shape or color. Contact us for a free estimate. We can also ship worldwide.
#14 Red Event Carpets
This Range of event carpets is mostly used for venue entrance, VIP Entrance, Hotel Entrance, New Shop Opening etc.....
#15 White Event Carpets Type 3P
We also Supply a range of event Carpets which come with plastic covering.
#17 Red Event Carpet Type 2M
Our Event Carpets can be custom made and cut in any size. We can also ship World wide.
#18 Red Carpet VIP Entrance
Treat your self with a red carpet entrance including personalized back drop and choice of Carpet Color including White, Blu, Pink , Purple and much more...
#19 Red Carpet with Print
Our Choice of Event Carpets can also be printed with your logo. Being an opening of a new shop, Welcome Carpet etc..well you will practically be seen by customers when walking by.
#20 Custom Made Carpets
Do you want to be original and unique? Tell us what you want and our professional team will assist you to build your unique carpet.
#21 Side Petals Carpet
We can make your aisle more colorful, more special and unique. These petals can be ordered with the color of your choice. They are professionally installed on carpet to avoid movement by wind.
#22 White Turf Carpets
Our White Turf Carpets are ideal for Turf or Beach Weddings because they can be fixed in sand or soil to avoid movement while walking and the material itself makes them stain resistant.
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