Carpet Rental Service:

The Carpet Man Malta Started in 2012 providing Red & White Luxury Carpet rental service in Malta for Weddings & Red Carpet Events. Since then The Carpet Man Malta continued its success story by providing more services related to weddings & events and has been chosen to provide red carpets for exclusive events such as the First wedding at Malta International airport & Malta Film Festival. No Matter if the job is big or small our professional team is mainly focused to provide a perfect carpet setup, conditioned and well cleaned carpets. Not excluding the importance of safety.


Prints on Carpets:

Our Team also offer the service of prints on event carpets starting from Initials to monograms, borders and full colour printing. For Exclusive weddings this is a must have as you will be adding a designer touch. Our experienced team who have seen hundreds of weddings & events will help the bride & groom to choose the best carpet design.


Event Carpets:

Another range of carpets suitable for any event and can be cut at any shape, size & length. This Type of carpet has anti slip backing and is secured with double sided tape at the edges. You can contact us for the colour chart and prices.


Petal Carpets:

These carpets are handmade and & stain resistant because of the silk petals. Choosing this carpet will give a luxury touch to your wedding. 


Turf Carpets:

For the couples who dream of getting married on a sandy beach or on turf we have white carpets that are designed for such floors and they are not just stain resistant but they are also made to be installed with pegs which will eventually avoid carpet movement.   


VIP Red Carpet Entrance:

When you are in need of VIP Entrance The Carpet Man Malta is a one stop shop for Red carpet events, including red rope stanchions and backdrops. The earliest known reference to walking a red carpet in literature is in the play Agamemnon by Aeschylus, written in 458 BC. From then on the red carpet has become popular with in welcoming VIP's until it has gone viral all over the world.


Photo Booth Rental:

From 2017 The Carpet Man Malta as launched his own photo booth which is an American product & powered by Apple. This Stunning Photo Booth was made to have affordable prices but still giving an outstanding performance unlike other classic booths. Having that nicely white finish our Photo Booth will fit perfectly to your wedding reception. Please visit or page for more info www.carpetmanmalta.com/mi-photo-booth.


Red Rope Stanchions & Retractable Bollards.

Some Events or weddings may require crowd control at The Carpet Man Malta we can also provide Red Rope Stanchions & Retractable Bollards.


Helium Balloon Release

For the bride & groom that are searching for a memorable exit from church or venue we have added our helium balloon release service & for the couples who are going to exit from church during night time why not add some led lights inside the balloons? Contact us today for more info.