Photo Booth Terms & Conditions.



1. We will arrive at event venue approximately two to three hours before scheduled rental start time to setup equipment and make sure that everything is operational. Other setup hours maybe agreed few days before the event or wedding.

2. The client should secure permission of the event venue for Mi Photo Booth to setup and operate the Photo Booth during the event. The client is responsible to inform MI Photo Booth of any restrictions at the venue that may affect the setup or operation of the Photo Booth and/or Mi Photo Booth ability to adequately perform their duties. The client understands that such restrictions may adversely affect the overall experience and/or quality of photos, and that MI Photo Booth is not responsible for the consequences of such restrictions.

3. In order for Mi Photo Booth to render a quality service, these following requirements should be met by the event venue:

Supply of 240 volts electric supply,  Any near electrical outlet, Preferably Indoor set up, If setup is outdoors an indoor backup area should always be in place.  At least 3 x 4 meter space Height 3 meter, Not Near Sound Equipment, Dry Area for outdoor setup.

4. Mi Photo Booth takes the utmost care regarding equipment function, photo quality, and printing. However, due to the nature of technology, some downtime may occur. Mi Photo Booth guarantees its equipment to be operational at least 80% of the scheduled rental time, and will refund a pro-rated amount of the rental price for any downtime beyond this caused by equipment malfunction. In-case of printer malfunction we will continue taking pictures and the album will be prepared for you after the wedding. 

5. The Client agrees to cover Mi Photo Booth against any and all liability from any claims, actions, suits, costs, damages or liabilities including but not limited to liability for personal injury of any person at the event, and/or property damage.

6. Mi Photo Booth reserves all rights to the photographs captured during the event and may use for demonstration purposes only. Original media and copyrights remain the exclusive property of Mi Photo Booth. The saved Media will not be posted on social media networks.

7. The client should provide loading/unloading permits for venues that are situated in remote areas.

8. The Client is to avoid dangerous decorations that can cause permanent damage to the Photo Booth.

9. Reduction of hours will not be accepted on the day of the event or during the event. Reduction of hours can be requested at least 1 week before the event.

10. Start time for weddings should be upon Bride & Groom Arrival. This also applies for events. You can obtain to start the booth later but additional charges may apply.

11. 1 hour is suitable for a maximum of 100 guests. Please calculate the number of guests and compare on the hours you booked with us.

12. Open Booth During daylight should be setup inside as sunlight can affect the photo quality. If we are not informed and we are forced to setup in sunlight MI Photo Booth will not be responsible for the photo quality.


9. To secure your date, we will require an initial payment for reservation. The remaining balance is payable on the event date, cash payments only. (N.A. for full payment upon reservation).

10. The Initial Deposit is not refundable and cannot be exchanged for any other services we provide.

11. Should the event date be moved to another date, there will be no additional charges provided that we do not have another event on the said date. Otherwise, payment made is non-refundable in lieu of record modification purposes and potential loss on the original saved date.

12. Mi Photo Booth Reserves the right to cancel booking in the case of Family Illness, Family Loss or any other reason beyond our control. Full deposit refund  will be given in such cases. Mi Photo Booth will make every attempt to provide notice to Client if cancellation occurs.

13. Mi Photo Booth Reserves the right to cancel booking for NON-Compliant Client (CLIENT VIOLATES ANY TERMS OF THE CONTRACT). Any Fees paid for services/products already completed will not be refunded.

14. Only 50% of the total payment made will be refundable in lieu with Mi Photo Booth record modification, priority of reservation slot, and potential loss. Processing of the refund is 60 days.

15. In the event Mi Photo Booth fails to comply with the terms of this agreement, Mi Photo Booth will only be liable for funds received.

16. Failing to make timely payments may result in cancellation of this contract.