Luxury Carpet Rental Service (Type L)

Fresh & Dry Petals on White & Red Carpets or at the side of the carpet are strictly forbidden due to possible permanent damage. You can use Fabric Petals or Paper Petals.



The client is to avoid decorations, equipment or items that can leave permanent damage on our carpets or close to them and this include; sparklers, Open Candles, Fresh or Dry Petals, Plants, Flares, any type of Fire not excluding fireworks & Open fire (fiacolli), Champagne or any drinks that can be of permanent damage to the carpet.

Bad Weather Conditions

In the presence of Rain, Very wet floors or Very strong Wind; Outdoor Carpets will not be set up and we will not ask for payment. The Reason is for the safety of the guests and damages could arise with excessive water. This Decision is taken between 60 to 30 minutes before & or depending on the situation.  

If you have booked the carpet for the inside & outside of the Church and it’s raining or there are wet floors or very strong winds we will only place the carpet inside and you will be charged just for inside. Check your booking confirmation as the price changes.

If the carpet was set up at the time of entrance & afterwards we are forced to remove carpet due to change in weather or unforeseen conditions we will have to charge to the full agreed amount.


If a public mass is being held a few minutes before the wedding mass we must be informed. If a Reception is being held on Church parvis after mass please inform us immediately. If on the day there are planned events in front of the church such ass Village Festa, Christmas Market or any Seasonal Events that can restrict us to do our services we must be informed at least 1 month before. I case we notice that we will have limited access we reserve the right to cancel the booking. Any deposits we will not be refunded.



In case of any changes such as mass time etc.. we must be informed immediately and not later than 3 months before the wedding or event.

Civil Ceremony

Carpets rented for the Aisle of a Civil Ceremony are removed a few minutes after the Wedding ceremony.

Carpet for Venue.

Although we do not usually rent our luxury carpets for the venue. Exceptions can be made subject that the client ensures food & drink will not be close to our carpet.  In this case, the Carpet is removed from entrance 90 minutes after the bride & grooms arrival.


You Have a Backup Carpet:

If unexpected damages arise on rented Luxury carpets type L from previous events in a way they could not be cleaned or replaced on time we will use our event carpets type 3mm without any extra charges involved.  White Luxury carpet in particular.

Payment: Full payment is required on the day of service or as agreed at time of booking.


Carpet Type Code *:  L =  Luxury Carpet , V = VIP Carpet , T = Turf Carpet , O = Others ,

3mm = 3mm Thick Carpet ,  3P =  3mm Thick Carpet with Plastic.

Prints on 3mm or 3P Carpets: The design of the print is included in our prices. we do not accept logos or designs ready from our clients unless it has been seen and approved by our designer that the said logo or design can be transferred on the carpet. Overlapping text is possible but extra costs may apply.